Abadal rich scents and traditions, offers a range of shades to enhance the experience and enjoyment of wine lovers.

The footprint of tradition and authenticity takes us to the heart of Bages where time stands still in a sea of vines and makes a visit Abadal indispensable.

The wine tourism department offer different activities related to wine and its environment: tasting courses, guided tastings, visits to the winery, tours in the vineyard and forest, wine shop ... and we work to make each family celebration and corporate events into a unique event full of personality.

We value the essence of the little things. If you like wine and its history, enjoy the visit!

Types of visits:
A. Guided tour with wine tasting

The route of the visit:

  • The old cellar of the house (XII) preserved in its original state is one of the gems of the wine culture and history of this area, which move in time giving them to know what was the way of life of this region.
  • The museum of industry and transport: private collection of the family engaged in transportation vehicles, trucks and antique tools that the family used for winemaking.
  • The modern cellar and the barrels room.
  • Tasting of 3 wines ABADAL at the wine tourism centre.

The duration of the visit and tasting is 90 minutes. There is the possibility of buying wine at the winery's shop (Building Wine Tourism).
Opening hours: From Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: mornings. It’s necessary to book in advance.

B. Walkthrough: The path of the vineyard huts

Path to property for the entire vineyard huts, cultural heritage Bages. During the trail, the visitor approaches the history of viticulture in Bages and can enjoy a landscape of vineyards and woodland in a unique setting. At the end of the walk, the visit culminates with a lunch and a wine tasting at the winery. The route is about 3 km and has a duration of 90 minutes (the route, wine tasting and the Catalan breakfast are included). You should wear comfortable shoes.

The second Saturday of each month at 10:00 am.

It is essential to book in advance.

C. Visit tailored for groups and individuals

For technical visits (viticulture, oenology), Special (eno-gastronomic landscape) or modifications of the usual route, we can prepare customized tours to the places visited are of great interest. To do so it must be a closed group of minimum 15 people.
By request.

They also offer a wide range of activities, tasting courses, harvest dinner, monographs wine tasting new vintages, etc.. Folow us in our Facebook / Twitter!

For more information / reservations: +34 93 820 38 03 (Wine Tourism Centre) -

D. Special visits

The vineyards from the air

Balloon flight

Pack Oenological wine therapy

There are moments that only live once. Why not enjoy them in a single area? Abadal puts at your disposal different rooms / spaces properly acclimated around the wine world, where you can organize all kinds of events (both individual and enterprise level) in a matchless landscape favouring the willingness of the audience.

Download technical spaces

To discover the latest events from a top quality winery first hand, Abadal has created its own wine club so that customers and fans can benefit from exclusive advantages. This club is a link between Abadal and wine lovers, helping to spread the wine culture.

At Abadal, we award your loyalty. If you become a member of our wine club, you will benefit from special discounts, promotions... and will accumulate points on all purchases made in our winery shop.

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