Roqueta Origen

Big success of Vinyasons in Abadal cellar

  • 04-07-2016

The new season of Vinyasons summer festival starts in Pla de Bages, from the hand of Abadal cellar. It consists of 13 concerts, in 13 Catalan wineries and in charge of 7 musical groups. In this first concert, the leading characters have been the unique ...

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The best wines to make love

  • 16-02-2016

Can wine help to turn an ordinary dinner with your couple into a romantic night? The oenologist Meritxell Falgueras recommends Abadal Nuat: “a white wine which recovers the Picapoll varietal that develops all the character of the grape. It is Mediterranean ...

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"La Vanguardia" recomends Abadal Crianza

  • 10-02-2016

“La Vanguardia” selects 3 Catalonian wines in its special tram the month of February. Abadal Crianza stands out due to its personality, marked for the landscape (the forest) where the vineyards are planted and because of the excellence of the 2011 ...

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Abadal 3.9 into the most selected wine club

  • 08-02-2016

Abadal 3.9 has scored 92 points in the WINE UP guide so it become part of the exclusive 92+Gold taste Wine Up Club. WINE UP guide is edited twice a year and distributed between thousands of importers, sommeliers, restaurants and wine lovers around ...

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Expansion highlights 8 centuries of the winemaking history of the Roqueta family

  • 16-01-2016

The first documents certifying the wine activity of the Roqueta family is from 1199. These eight hundred years of history have captured the attention of the media and, in the case of the Expansion newspaper, has already dedicated a special report in ...

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