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Abadal 3.9 - an estate wine (Vi de Finca) is qualified as an "excellent wine" by the Peñín Guide 2018

  • 25-09-2017

Abadal 3.9 2015 is an Estate Wine (Vi de Finca). It obtained 91 points in the Guía Peñín 2018. This prestigious wine guide classified Abadal 3.9 2015 in its category of "Excellent Wines". The guide highlights Abadal 3.9’s cherry colour and aromas ...

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Abadal Franc; a "Megawine"

  • 13-09-2017

“Los Supervinos 2018” is the top selling wine guide in Spain and can be translated literally as the “The Super Wines”. This guide is held in high esteem by consumers as not only does it provide useful information on new wines, but it also allows ...

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Celeste Alías wins over the public at Vinyasons with her musical performance at the Abadal winery

  • 11-07-2017

On July 7, Abadal hosted a concert to celebrate the 5th edition of the Vinyasons Festival. It was a magical night orchestrated by Celeste Alías and the Abadal Trio in a jazz performance that played in perfect harmony with Abadal wines (white, rosé ...

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Barcelona presents the book "Retrats de Vi" (Portraits of wine), with Miquel Palau as a protagonist

  • 06-07-2017

At the beginning of July, three new books in the series “Retrats de Vi” (Portraits of Wine) by the journalist Ruth Troyano, were presented at the El Tros Winery in Vall Llach in Barcelona. The collection provides insight into the personal and professional ...

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Abadal hosts the graduation ceremony for Oenology students from URV, a top Catalan university

  • 20-06-2017

Abadal hosted the graduation ceremony for 14 students who completed their Degree in Oenology at the Rovira i Virgili University (URV). The event was chaired by the Dean of the Faculty, Joan Miquel Canals.  Honored guests at the ceremony included: Mr. ...

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