Roqueta Origen

Abadal and Círculo Ecuestre de Barcelona pair art and wine

  • 14-04-2018

Abadal collaborates with Círculo Ecuestre de Barcelona (Barcelona’s equestrian club). Abadal served a selection of its wines at an “after work” event on April 12th to celebrate World Art Day. On that day, the club turned its terrace into a gallery ...

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Abadal 5 Merlot among the top 50 wines

  • 05-03-2018

Gentleman Magazine together with Pilar Molestina, a journalist who specialises in wine, choose the 50 best red, rosé, white, sparkling and fortified wines of our time. Abadal 5 Merlot was selected among the top 50 red wines. It is a single varietal ...

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Valentí Roqueta: "The culture of wine should be introduced into schools"

  • 27-02-2018

Mr. Jesús Ávila is a journalist, writer, lecturer and coordinator of cultural events. In a very personal interview with Mr. Valentí Roqueta, President of the Abadal winery, the writer takes us on a journey into the wine sector, to the Abadal winery ...

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"Memories of forest undergrowth" - El País newspaper recommends our Abadal Mandó

  • 23-02-2018

Wine critic, Mr. Carlos Delgado published a review on Abadal Mandó in El Viajero a travel-guide run by the Spanish newspaper El País. Mr. Delgado applauds Abadal winery’s dedication to recovering the Mandó variety over a period of 15 years, and ...

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Interview with Miquel Palau, oenologist at Abadal

  • 21-02-2018

The magazine Interempresas published a personal and heartfelt interview with Mr. Miquel Palau, an oenologist at the Abadal winery. The interview looks back over his career and reveals current and future projects taking place at the Abadal winery. "For ...

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