Roqueta Origen

Abadal Blanc and Abadal Rosat produced a spectacular 2017 vintage

  • 02-01-2018

At the end of December, the new 2017 vintage for Abadal Blanc and Abadal Rosat were launched on the market. This vintage is the fruit of an early harvest, which was mostly due to high temperatures at the beginning of July. This early harvest was particularly important in white and rosé wines in order to ensure great aromatic richness with regard to complexity and intensity. This vintage yielded lower production levels and a smaller sized fruit, which resulted in greater concentration and generous wines that have a balanced freshness. The health of the grapes was excellent.

These two wines, along with Abadal Franc, represent the frankness and honesty of this Denomination of Origin. They retrieve native varieties from this region, most notably Picapoll, Macabeo and Sumoll.