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Abadal 3.9 - an estate wine (Vi de Finca) is qualified as an "excellent wine" by the Peñín Guide 2018

  • 25-09-2017

Abadal 3.9 2015 is an Estate Wine (Vi de Finca). It obtained 91 points in the Guía Peñín 2018. This prestigious wine guide classified Abadal 3.9 2015 in its category of "Excellent Wines". The guide highlights Abadal 3.9’s cherry colour and aromas of red berries, ripe fruit, herbs and sweet spices. In the mouth, it is defined as a balanced and fruity wine.

The guide also awarded 90 points to Abadal Nuat 2015, 90 points to Abadal Franc 2016, which was also rated with 5 stars, the highest ranking possible in the category of value for money. Due to these excellent ratings, these three wines will participate in the Salon de los Mejores Vinos, a wine fair to show Spain’s best wines. This fair will take place in Madrid during the last week of October.