Roqueta Origen

Abadal hosts the graduation ceremony for Oenology students from URV, a top Catalan university

  • 20-06-2017

Abadal hosted the graduation ceremony for 14 students who completed their Degree in Oenology at the Rovira i Virgili University (URV). The event was chaired by the Dean of the Faculty, Joan Miquel Canals.  Honored guests at the ceremony included: Mr. Salvador Puig, General Director of INCAVI (the Catalan Wine and Winegrowers Institute); Mr. Carles Playà, Dean of the College of Oenologists in Catalonia; Mr. Pedro Cabanillas, graduate sponsor; Mr. Salvador Costa, representative of Amorim Irmaos, a cork production company and Mr. Valentí Roqueta, President of the Abadal winery.